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Ada Rose Holistic Therapies is a Salisbury based business which can help you to relax and unwind from your busy life. Sally Blake has 10 years of experience working at reducing stress levels and encouraging a healthier way of living, by talking to her clients about diet and exercise and providing a range of therapies. Sally works from her practice in Old Sarum as well as onsite.

One of the most popular treatments offered is massage. Massage has been used throughout history benefitting many people including Soldiers, Gladiators, and Nobel Prize winners. Soldiers would be given a massage before battle to help stimulate their muscles so that they would last longer in the fight, and after a battle to help with the healing process. This same principle is applied to top sports personalities today as Sports massage therapists help with their vigorous training regime and sporting events.

A massage can be carried out with Hot Stones which provides the extra relaxation that some people may need.  Hot stones heat and help to reach the deeper muscles more easily and quickly, removing any aching feeling you may have. Most people who have massage report a reduction of the stresses caused by their busy lifestyles

The effects of massage can vary from person to person but a few to consider are:

  • Reduction in stress levels
  • Reduction in the feeling of anxiety and depression
  • A feeling of  wellbeing and energy
  • Noticeable relief from chronic pain

Onsite massage, carried out in clients' workplace, improves staff morale as well as proving the benefits listed above. Businesses can save money otherwise spent in sickness pay, as massage therapies can reduce staff stress levels, and make the working environment a happier place to be.

Reflexology has also been used throughout history to help the body to heal itself. This treatment gives the receiver the feeling that they are walking on air. It can detect imbalances in the body and the differing pressure used throughout the treatment stimulates self-healing.

The therapies offered by Sally provide many benefits but if you have major health problems, it is important to consult your Doctor before treatment. 

So, for a fully relaxing treatment with an intuitive therapist, call Sally Blake HDipCT (VTCT)

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