About Sally

Sally is a qualified sports massage therapist, a treatment which she complements with her other techniques Bellabaci Cupping massage, Hot Stone massage and Ear Candling, to name a few. This enables her to create a tailored therapy session just for YOU!

During her training, Sally had the privilege of working with injured armed service personnel at the Tidworth Army Camp, learning from army physiotherapist Sergeant Andy Camp. This was an honour and a fantastic learning experience.

Since 2010, Sally has provided massage at the annual 54321 marathon fund-raising event run by Wiltshire Fire Service in Salisbury. 

Over the years Sally has keenly taken part in different sporting activities, including rallying and martial arts, giving her a first-hand understanding of the ways muscles can be affected by sports and injuries. In 2010, Sally experienced a sporting injury which led to an operation, giving her personal experience of the body’s healing processes.  All this is invaluable when seeking the best approach for her clients’ injuries, aches, niggles and pains.

Sally likes to follow a code of ethics which include:-

1.Amiable:- Ada will be considerate and kind to you and treat you with respect at all times, rest assured you will leave feeling like you have been pampered.

2.Approachable:- You are welcome to talk to me at any time and I will do my best to give you the most up to date relevant information.

3.Accountable:-  I take responsibility for all my actions and information I give to my clients at any time. 

4.Caring:- Ada cares about how you feel before during and after a treatment if at any time you feel unhappy or uncomfortable please say and we can stop the treatment.

5.Courteous:- You will be treated with courtesy at all times when you are with Ada Rose and your modesty will be maintained throughout the treatment .

6.Honest:- If I’m not able to help you or know someone who is better qualified to help you I will give you their details so you can make your choice and get the treatment which is right for you.

7.Warm:-  Creates a warm welcoming atmosphere where you can feel safe and relax fully making the most out of your treatment.

Sally provides an onsite massage service for the corporate clients. Desk-based workers find her techniques extremely beneficial, helping them to release stress and improve posture at their desk.

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