Ear candling, Does it work?

Am I such an irresponsible parent to candle my child’s ears?

There is a lot of opinion on the web as to why this would be the case but let me put my personal experience forward. I suffered with glue ear as a child myself, as a result the doctors said there would be a high chance my son would go through the same operations I had as a child.

I remember the ear ache and the feeling of isolation of not being able to hear fully. I still am not able to hear fully today but get along fine. I still have problems with my ears and my ear drums are scared. This has been caused by the numerous operations I had on my ears as a child. I also had my nose washed out twice a day over the course of a week which was not very pleasant.

I told the ENT specialist that I planned to use ear candles on my two year old son and he said it won’t do any harm but there is no evidence that it will help. So I went on and candled my son’s ears every week for the next month. I then candled his ears every two weeks for the next month and finally once a month there after for maintenance. 

When I started candling his ears I did so when he was asleep, as any parent knows a healthy child so young is not likely to lay still for more than a few minutes when they are awake, I found it helped him have a better night’s sleep as well as helping his ears. He soon realised that this treatment was helping and asked to have his ears candled while he was awake I gave him my phone as a distraction and he was happily taking photos.

I will be honest here he burned his hand on the candle once, but I had a bowl of cold water right in front of him which I put his hand into straight away before running it under the cold water tap. There is no lasting damage or even any scar; some children have received scars by touching electric fires or hair straighteners. 

After a year of monitoring which included hearing tests and the doctors looking into my sons ears, the specialist signed him off and we have had not had a problem with his hearing since. My son is now five years old and I still candle his hearing once a month.

As with most things there are always cheaper options available but if you choose good quality candle’s or see a therapist who has completed the training and has insurance to carry out the treatment the risks are greatly reduced.

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