Sports massage is a tailored massage treatment for people who are very active, or recovering from injury. It concentrates on the body as a whole and helps the receiver to get the best performance from their body.

 Deep tissue massage is a treatment which concentrates on the deeper tissue and helps to ease any tension in the deeper muscles. This treatment will help to relieve pain from the stresses of an active life style.

Bellabaci cupping massage is a great treatment which reaches the deeper tissue without the use of compression, as it works with a negative pressure, allowing the client to feel lighter after the treatment.

Hot Stones massage is the ultimate relaxation treatment and will leave the receiver feeling completely relaxed and refreshed. 

Reflexology is a very relaxing treatment which helps the body to regain a healthy balance. It is amazing how much can be learnt about the body through the feet and hands. This treatment gives the receiver the feeling they are walking on air.

Swedish body massage is a relaxing treatment which will help you to unwind and take time out. It is a gentle massage treatment which will give the receiver a sense of well-being and happiness.

On-site massage is the perfect treat to give to your staff and will save you money in the process. It is a clothed seated treatment which will help tackle stress-related illness - and save you sickness pay. This treatment leaves the receiver feeling energised and refreshed.

Ear candling is a very relaxing treatment which can help to relieve blocked up ears and sinuses. This treatment will leave the receiver feeling relaxed and refreshed.

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