Ear Candling

Thermal auricular therapy is a very relaxing treatment which can be used instead of syringing. The candles are made from bees wax and other natural ingredients such as sage, St John's wort and chamomile. The candles are put over the ear canal while you lie in a comfortable position on a couch and tension is just drawn away.

Ear candling is a relaxing treatment which can reduce:

  • Compacted wax build up
  • excess mucus
  • noises in the ear such as tinnitus and ringing
  • Snoring
  • Headaches and migraines 

It can alleviate allergic conditions, diminish chronic sinusitis and relive ear pain, while improving your hearing, smell and taste. The restoring of the equilibrium or pressure in the ear can help assist with Vertigo and reduce dizziness. In addition, the treatment can make a positive effect to your immune system by promoting lymphatic circulation. You are likely to have a few minutes where you fall asleep with this treatment which can give an energy boost after the treatment.

This is the relaxing way to relieve congestion in the ears and sinuses.

There have been some problems with unqualified people using ear candles which have resulted in injury or damage to a home. It is therefore best to visit a qualified practitioner for this treatment.

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